Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 38 - Jan 3, 2017

Hey everyone! 

So this week was pretty awesome! We have been trying by this lady named Liz for a long time and we finally got in with her! E. Page found her on exchanges last transfer and she was super excited for them to come back. So we have been trying but when ever we came she was never home or she was busy if she was. Finally we came there with some members and set up an appointment for the next day. The lesson went super well! Half way through she said "I don't know how else to say this but, I am sold!" She was super excited about all of the Youth Group stuff and how we really become a family, She was super excited! We told her we wanted to set up a time to take her and tour the church the next day but she wanted to do it right then! So we went down and toured the church and she really liked it! Then we invited her to church and she came!

She is a single mom of a two year old and she just really wanted to find a church for her and her daughter, and boy did she find it! In fact, It found her! What an awesome testimony builder!

We also gave talks this Sunday in our other ward and talked about the work we can do as members to help the missionary work progress! It was super fun! I love speaking in church now! I'll send you guys a version of my talk later but right now I am out of time. 

Love you all!

Here is a picture of Elder Page taking a picture of a Dinosaur he really liked.

Elder Strong

Ward Christmas Party

December 24, 2016 - A visit to Santa

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dec 27, 2016 - Santa Jason

So here is the picture of me being Santa for the first time! They had us sneak into their house while their kids were hiding and watching and pretend to be a tired Santa leaving the presents. It was pretty fun! Elder Page stood outside and watched and rang slay bells like the reindeer were chilling outside. Super fun!

Week 37 - Dec 27, 2016

Hey Everybody!
This week has been pretty awesome! We were going through some "former Investigator" teaching records to look for people to try back again. One of them had been taught for a very long time and at the bottom of the form it said *stop going by these people*. It didn't say why besides that they weren't progressing so we decided to go back anyway. She had had her husband pass away between now and the last record entry and was excited for us to come over! So we are going to be coming back this week now that she isn't so busy with Christmas and teach her! She has been studying on her own and had found a huge interest in the Doctrine of the three Kingdoms of Glory, so we are going to have lots of fun! 

Christmas we spent a lot of time just hanging out together in the apartment writing letters, decorating our ginger bread house, opening gifts, and studying. It was awesome! We had dinner with the Scrimsher family and Skyped at their house, Super Cool Night!

Well, love you all!

Elder Strong

Here are a few pictures:
Our Ginger Bread house
The tie I am had sewing I made out of a shirt
And there will be a lot more in another email.

Week 36 - Dec 19, 2016

Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty Crazy and Awesome!
So we spent all day Tuesday packing up all my crap...I have a decent amount of crap now. And then when I finally finished packing we said goodbye to everyone. Then I said goodbye to Elder Denny and I got brought out to Kennewick to meet Elder Page, my new companion! We cover the Ridgeview and Ridgeline wards and they are awesome! I love having multiple wards, There is always something to do!

Elder Page is from Gilbert Arizona and came out on a mission in February so he has only been out a month longer than me, which is pretty awesome! He is a District Leader which is nice because I get to enjoy the perks but don't have to take on the stress! Its pretty nice! I do still miss being one though but I'll get my chance soon. He has only been one for one transfer so I get to help him if he has questions.

OH! and Really quickly I just wanted to thank the 4th Ward for the Christmas Present! It was super Awesome! Thank You So Much! It came at a great time and helped me a lot! It is always a little stressful getting transferred but the very first thing I got when I got here was that package and it made me so happy and helped me so much!

Well not a ton else has happened but it has been super awesome!

Well I guess I'll see some of you Sunday! 

Love You!

Elder Strong

Wednesday, December 14, 2016