Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 36 - Dec 19, 2016

Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty Crazy and Awesome!
So we spent all day Tuesday packing up all my crap...I have a decent amount of crap now. And then when I finally finished packing we said goodbye to everyone. Then I said goodbye to Elder Denny and I got brought out to Kennewick to meet Elder Page, my new companion! We cover the Ridgeview and Ridgeline wards and they are awesome! I love having multiple wards, There is always something to do!

Elder Page is from Gilbert Arizona and came out on a mission in February so he has only been out a month longer than me, which is pretty awesome! He is a District Leader which is nice because I get to enjoy the perks but don't have to take on the stress! Its pretty nice! I do still miss being one though but I'll get my chance soon. He has only been one for one transfer so I get to help him if he has questions.

OH! and Really quickly I just wanted to thank the 4th Ward for the Christmas Present! It was super Awesome! Thank You So Much! It came at a great time and helped me a lot! It is always a little stressful getting transferred but the very first thing I got when I got here was that package and it made me so happy and helped me so much!

Well not a ton else has happened but it has been super awesome!

Well I guess I'll see some of you Sunday! 

Love You!

Elder Strong

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