Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 - Smore Pics

Saying goodbye to Elder Denny
Deer are everywhere right now (even on our lawn). Nothing too amazing for me but I had to take a picture of the first deer Elder Winuea has ever seen.
Elder Tobey made a file on his USB "Bomb Talks" The care reads it as F-Bomb talks (the f is for file. We thought it was funny at least.
Saying goodbye to Rob

July 11, 2016 - Pics

Elder Winuea taking a picture of the noodle he through at the wall. (I taught him how to check if they are ready)
Bishop Hodges has our tree
Dayton High School
Jesus Seal in last apartment

July 11, 2016 - New Apartment

July 11, 2016 - Week 13

Hey everyone!

So my new area is Dayton Washington which includes 3 official cities and a bunch of farm houses around it. The cities are Dayton, Waitsburg, and Starbuck. The Bishop lives 1 hr away from Dayton. He lives past Starbuck on a fish Hatchery (crazy). The nearest useful store is a Walmart in Walla-Walla so 45 mins away. This area gets a ton of driving so at least I don't have to worry about the mission taking our car. We also get 1500 miles, my last area I got 800 so big difference.

My new companion is Elder Winuea. He is from Kiribati (which is also the name of his native tongue) it is an island near Figi. He is really awesome. He speaks english really well but sometimes you can't understand what he is saying. Either because he is pronouncing it wrong, he is mumbling, or he forgot the word. (he called Ice Cubes "blocks" the other day. "Elder Strong! Look at all the blocks I made in the Fridge!" He says that everyone on his Island always gets called to the Philippines, he is the only one to get called to the US. (he is still kinda mad, his brother is in the MTC to the Philippines right now) 
Some of his last companions kinda took advantage of him because he couldn't really fight back or do anything about it. So now I am going to show him how you should actually do missionary work and treat your companion. 

This area has been through some hard times. It has been closed down a few times because the missionaries weren't received well by the ward and they weren't accomplishing anything. I went through the area book and none of it has been updated since Dec last year. Elder Winuea didn't know how to use the area book very well because his trainer did everything for him since his training was really hard, then his next companion didn't use the Area book because he was lazy (or just forgot...I guess). I am going to work really hard to get this place baptizing converts and getting the ward excited for the work. It'll be fun!!!

Fun fact. This area is the best looking area in the whole mission! I am so lucky to be out here. Now all that I need is some more people to teach. (and I get free goats milk, so that's awesome)

When I got here we had a lady on date named Beth. She was going to be baptized this Saturday but somewhere along the way they forgot to mention to her that she had to go 2 weeks without coffee prior to baptism...So that sucks. But she will still be getting married this Saturday so she is still progressing! 

Well I am about out of things to talk about so I will leave with some pictures. Love you all!

Here are some pictures of the scenery round here, its awesome!

Elder Strong

I am not entirely sure what this is but, It is a river though so either Snake or Columbia, it was transfer day so we were on our way to Walla-Walla.

News from Ward Member

Hi Sister Strong. My name is Sister McKinnon. I live in Richland, WA where your son is.  I thought you would be interested in this article Mormon missionaries volunteering in Kennewick 

July 5, 2016 - Pics

Dutch Bros is a huge coffee shop. Their motto is "more than just coffee". Elder Tobey made it "more than just grace"
Making Breakfast burritos, we don't have a lid so Elder Clark tried using his hands to melt the cheese.
Elder Holliday making Cake in a pan for breakfast (it is literally cake mix, he hates himself)

July 5, 2016 - Week 12

Hey Everyone!

So the news is in and I am getting transferred! I am getting sent to Dayton WA. It apparently is a huge farming area and will be a huge change from Richland. My Companion will be Elder (I can only say it, not spell it) Win-O-Way-a, I'll find out how to spell it when I meet him tomorrow. He is from the Martial Islands and English is his second Language. They used to call him a different name until he learned enough English to tell them it was his middle name. We are in the furthest east are and will be in an apartment all by our selves. In Richland we see other Missionaries everyday but out here we will only see them when we drive out (way out) to our District and Zone meetings. It will be pretty crazy but I am super excited! 
Elder Tobey will be staying in the area and getting a new missionary to train. It will be an awesome opportunity for him.

The 4th was awesome. We ate with the Arches, they are really cool. Sister Arche is a recent convert to the church so it was really good to have dinner with the. Then we had to come home from 6 o'clock and stay there all night. I had to pack the whole time but eventually we were able to go sit in the backyard and watch the Fireworks.

This week we also did a service project we were asked to help out with. The Sisters in the area have an investigator who lives on a blueberry farm. We help clear some weeds and he let us pick a ton of berries because they won't be harvesting this season. Pretty fun.

Pedro, Michelle, and Raziley have officially been handed off to other Elders whose area they moved into. It was sad to see them go but I know it was the best for them. I am also sure I will be at their baptism to so there is always that.

Not much else is going on but all the investigators are doing well. Especially Christian. He is really getting into the Lessons so I have high hopes for him. I'm sure he'll make it.
Love you all!

Elder Strong

Cooking with the Arches

Elder Clark enjoying the field