Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August 31, 2016 - Email just to dad

Hey Dad!!! 

So it still kinda pisses me off that they can't be bothered to email you guys when we go to the temple, but that's why I never replied. 

Being a District Leader is friggin sweet! I get to call anyone in my District plus the zone leaders when ever I want so it makes things work a lot smoother for us, pretty cool. I love everyone in my District, they are all great, the Sisters have been struggling with staying productive and getting work done but other than that they're great missionaries, just in a slump. The real sad thing about them is one of them is in their second transfer of training so it stinks that she already has to go through an unproductive faze this early but I think she'll get through it ok.

Go cart would be sweet, especially and electric. If you do it, independent suspension would be cool, but then it would be heavier and probably taller, I don't know how achievable it is but, would be cool.
Plus if it is electric, it'll be silent so people won't think your just another redneck, especially if you have it Powder Coated but that is probably more expensive than it is worth.

I think I have decided that if I end up being an engineer instead of my restaurant, I want to work for Tesla. So if that happens, I'll hook you up.

That is pretty sweet Brendan got called to Spokane!!! No one else told me that. All Nancy has told me so far is that he is terrible at emailing.

Love you!!!

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