Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016 - Week 20 (I keep messing up the week # thing, We'll see if it matches up in the end)

Hello everyone, sorry to disappoint those who expected an email Monday. We were supposed to have temple Preparation Day next week but then Monday night they changed it so we didn't have time to warn you guys. (you should email President that you are unhappy)

So the Temple today was pretty friggin awesome! So the Walla Walla Zone and Kennewick East Zone went at the same time so I got to see Elder Winuea! It was great! Plus, The President and Sister White came too so it was extra awesome! Then we went to Deseret Book, I got some pictures to use for planner covers. The member we were with is awesome, she drove us at 6am so pretty great.

Last week was pretty good, we now have two people preparing for baptism.
1: E' Toupo 
He is 9, he has been taught for a while but now his family is finally read to get this thing did, sep 10th. His Dad is from Micronesia and his Mom is from Samoa. Her dad knows the Moligas (Edris's Family) so it was a pretty good connection to have.

2: Donna.
She has also investigated a while and has accepted baptism. We just need to get a better set date, all she has agreed to is the 3rd week of October. Just need to firm her up a bit.
She knows Robby too BTW, pretty cool. Robby did try and Drop the new Dayton Elders though, Hopefully all goes well.

Not too much else has been going on though. We have just been working really hard to find more people to teach and doing a ton of stuff that come with training. It was a really awesome week and a half though. Last Wednesday I conducted my first exchange. I brought Elder Korhonen to my area and Elder Snelgrove went with Elder Taylor to the YSA area. Elders Torgerson and Thompson are our Zone leaders and they just moved out and Elders Korhonen and Taylor move in. It has been a busy week with that crap, but it went pretty well.

I also went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I got to go with Elder Torgerson. He was my Zone Leader in Richland so it was really fun to finally get to work one on one with him. Plus sometimes it is relieving to just be a junior companion again, I loved it!

Wellp, I gotta get going, Love you all!!!

Elder Strong

Snelgrove taking a picture of some geese 
Elder Snelgrove was tired
Left to right: Me, Elder Taylor, Korhonen, Madsen (backseat, Blacks trainee) and Black
Temple trip

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