Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 7, 2016 - Week 30

Hi-lo Everyone!

So first off, I am totally getting transferred! Whooo! 6 transfers, 6 different Companions, 5 different areas. I am going to be transferred to Pendleton Oregon, in the Mckay Creek Ward (pronounsed Mc-eye) and Pendleton YSA Ward. So I will be back in the same zone I just left, but I will only see most of the zone only like 2 that transfer. My companion is Elder Denny! He was in the same Zone as me when I was getting trained, we have always been really good friends whenever we see each other. Its gonna be awesome!

It is pretty sad that I have been spending only six weeks with my companions and in that area lately but I know it is for a purpose and to help me grow and become a stronger missionary. I have a testimony of the Revelation we can directly receive from our Heavenly Father and I know a lot of Revelation is involved in Transfer planning. 

This week I have been having a harder time finding things to study but I starting reading Ensigns, It was really cool. Some of my Favorites were the Special Ensigns they put out for the apostles that recently passed away and some of the articles for the new ones being put in. It is awesome to learn about the things that happened in there life along the way to becoming apostles and some of the standards and goals they had long before becoming apostles. It was a really fun thing to study. Something I am working on is my ability to recognize revelation and to always give thanks when I receive it, I know that it has been promised to every single one of us that we can receive revelation if we are worthy.

Other than that I don't have a whole ton to talk about. My mind is all frazzled trying to think of all the things I got to do to get ready for transfers.

Plus I am going to miss the crap out of my flannel bed-sheets and queen sized bed :(

Love You!

Elder Strong

Our Pumpkin after Lighting Duritos because we don't have any Candles

Elder Gwilliam Fist bumping a Praying mantis that crawled all they way up his pants up to his face.
Some missionaries are teaching a family and this guy is always like this, they call him Grandpa

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