Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 32, November 21, 2016

Hello Everyone!!! This week has been pretty awesome! 

This week we were super busy! We had conference monday and then we had 2 baptisms to attend on saturday and with all of our normal meetings like correlation we didn't have a ton of time to do normal proselyting things like tracting and stuff. 

Thursday we were on exchanges. I was in my District Leaders area with him. He is Elder Stevens and he is awesome! We spent a lot of time doing service for some older people we were asked to help move. Wednesday E. Denny and I went for about a half hour to help with the heavy things but we found out they needed a lot more than two people and a lot more than 1/2 an hour. So we came back on exchanges with 4 elders and 2 sisters. They were so grateful, it was awesome. They moved into my area so we get to go back and ask them to come to church!

Friday was our Weekly Planning day so we spent most of the day planning until about 6. Then we went with a member to go to a lesson with an investigator Jodi. She flaked on us but the member told us he had enough time to stay out with us the rest of the night. So we decided to go visit some former investigators we had written down earlier that day. The very first one we visited we found out had moved but the guy we had talked to let us in. We were able to teach the whole Restoration Lesson and then we invited him to be baptized on Dec 17! It was way awesome!

I also made Deer Steak for us for lunch! It was also awesome! Here is me in my new apron, Thank you Sarah Olson! (my well beloved aunt)

Saturday we watched two baptisms and then went to a YSA activity about Family History, it was a super good day! 


Well that's all, Love you!!!

Elder Strong

I'm not a District Leader right now, at first I was kinda sad but it has been super nice to have some more time to take care of my own things. We had to leave fast this morning so I didn't have time to take pictures of the apartment or my socks yet, but the socks are super awesome! I am super happy with them! I'll get you those pictures next week.

Elder Denny has been out 17 months. Here is a picture. He is from a place called Low Mountain Arizona near Flagstaff (ish) He is from the Indian Reservation. He is a convert of about 2 years, only his little brother is an active member of the church. He didn't find out his parents were members until he was baptized. He is 100% Navajo.

That's cool that you got to go to Saint George, that's always a fun trip.

Maybe a KFC would be good. I have been wanting to go there but I don't want to make E. Denny pay for it so maybe I could use it to pay for both of us. Plus there is almost always a Subway in most areas.

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