Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016 - Nother Email

So todays been pretty weird, besides it being my first Pday. This morning on our way to switch out our bed sheets, I got ditched by my companion who went off with another Elder in our Zone and two other Elders from my district. It kinda pissed me off because they didn't tell anybody what they were doing and none of them have the power to authorize a split, only me and one other Elder can do that. Next we don't get nice food in our Pday clothes, only when you are dressed in a shirt and tie can you get into the lunch room. So I have a sack breakfast that sucks so i'm eating it while writing. 

Elder ------ is boging me down, all he does is whine all day and doesn't prepare or study anything because he says "the Spirit will help me" well Christ can't draw from an empty well and you have to put forth the effort in order to get help and he just can't get that through his head. It suck but i'm used to having to pull a weak young mans wait, i'm thankful for the blessings from the Priest's Quorum. (If he doesn't change, I doubt he lasts in the field) 

I'm supper excited for today though, we're going to the temple and I convinced everyone but Elder ------ to do the endowment session, and not just Initiatory.

It's so hard to end these emails, plus all I want to do is call you, I never liked texting or emails. 

Well I have stuff I should be doing so im going to get to it. I just love you all so much I needed to try to get in another email, pictures will come soon.

Elder Strong

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