Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 - Week 27

Hello Friends and Family!

So this week was kinda different. 

So with the Car back in possession we were able to get to parts of our area we haven't been in because it is too far to walk there. We were able to contact a lot of referrals and potential investigators and after having some really good conversations and setting some return appointments we got a call...from the Assistants...telling us they were giving our car to some other Elders...We just cant get a break! Now we have been given bikes at least, but everyday we leave the house there is a hill that takes 30 mins to walk up and would take 15-20 to bike up except that we cant bike straight up hill that long. And all of our area is up hill so the bikes are only kinda helpful for going down hill our for the vary rare flat areas we have, but oh well, we'll survive.

We haven't had much experience on the bikes yet because I got hurt and sick on the same day. I got this weird Flu/cold thing where I had a really intense fever and was super congested but I couldn't sleep because I hurt my neck. My neck hurt soo bad that I would wake up every 30-60 minutes and then couldn't fall back asleep for a while. So we were told I had to get it looked at and all they could say is that I hurt my neck (probably all the up hill) and it was inflamed and not healing yet. So they gave me some sweet muscle relaxants to put my out at night and I have to take 9 ibuprofen every day to get rid of the inflammation. So pray I don't get an ulcer : ) 
I am doing a lot better now though, but we were stuck in the apartment for 3 days so that kinda sucked.

I am not sure I talked about it last week but we have been doing this crazy service project where we have been going to this guys house and digging out his basement, we did that again this week but this time I couldn't help. This time we got the guy to commit to church this sunday so it has all been worth it!

Not a ton else this week but it was still a good one after all the sickness and junk was over!

Love ya!

Here is us trying to be happy even though we are now helmet missionaries, Elder Gwilliams twinkie box, and how foggy it was one morning since we live on the river.

Elder Strong

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