Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Week 25

​Hey Everyone!!!

So I'm back in Richland!!! It is so cool to be back here again, my area is on the opposite side of my first area but I still see all the people I knew when I was here last and I am still decently familiar with my surroundings. I am still a District Leader which is AWESOME! I love it!

My new Companion is Elder Gwilliam, he is from Visalia California (near Frezno). We are in the Hillsview Ward. Our area is SO Wealthy it is Ridiculous, so much different than anywhere else I have been. The area is supposed to have a car but because of another Elders health problem we share it with them and mostly don't have it. He may have a pinched nerve in his back and is getting an MRI today, he might be going home at this point which would be way sad. It is Elder White who lived with me in my first apartment while I was getting trained. Pretty sad. 
The only problem with not having a car in this area is that it is called the Hillview ward for a reason...
Plus it is a huge area.

We live with some pretty awesome Members. We live in "The Dane's Dome". It is the GREATEST Apartment in the whole mission. I hope i never have to leave it at least for the next 6 months. The Danes are super awesome and the apartment is so nice. I only have a few pix right now but Ill get more later.

We aren't teaching a ton of people right now but we did just get some cool new people. Last Week Elder Gwilliam and Elder Jones (his last comp) tracted into a guy that said they could come back for dinner this week. The Dinner was awesome. His name is Zack, he lives with his girlfriend Karissa and have a son together. He also switches days on having is two daughters over that he had with and EX. After the amazing dinner we set up a return appointment to watch General Conference with them sunday morning! it was so cool.

Not a ton much else to talk about, I have kinda just been on auto pilot following Elder Gwilliam while I try to get my feet back on the ground.

Here some pictures of me saying goodbye to Elder Snelgrove, Taylor and Korhonen
Pictures of the Dome
and A box of junk a member brought by :)

Love you all! 

Elder Strong

Here some pictures of me saying goodbye to Elder Snelgrove, Taylor and Korhonen

Pictures of the Dome

A box of junk a member brought by :)

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