Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 34 - December 5, 2016

Hey Guys!

Had another Pretty Great Week!
A couple highlights this week are:
Saturday we had a Zone Council in Milton FreeWater (the only "half-way point" between here and Walla-Walla where the whole zone can meet together to have our meetings) and we did a ton of Role-plays where we practiced teaching. First we practiced teaching the Restoration in under 4 minutes so we could do it whenever someone tells us they don't have time to meet that day. We did that just with other Missionaries but then we did a full 45 minute Restoration with some members who came down to the meeting. It was awesome and a lot of fun! It was a really uplifting council that helped us all remember that we are actually pretty good at teaching even though we can still improve in some ways.

This week we have been doing a crap ton of finding, and it was actually pretty awesome! We did Member Visits, Tracting, Referral contacting, pretty much everything you can think of. It felt good to just get out and work super hard, and then get home and get to sleep as soon as possible HaHa. Pretty fun.

We also spent a lot of time over at out Branch Mission Leaders house, Perry. His Parents just bought a new home and are letting him rent it from them. We volunteered to come over and help him do some re-modeling we helped him rip out some carpet and then pull up some hard wood flooring, then we found out under the hard wood was some laminate tiling glued to particle board. It was Terrible! Mostly because the board wouldn't all come up all at once because it looked like whoever put it down let their kids go nuts with the staple gun, but we got it mostly done but the staples because they were too hard to pull out just with a LeatherMan (all we had). Sounds like they have someone who is going to find a way to get them out or they will hammer them all down flat because they are going to put new hard wood down. It's going to be pretty nice once it is all done. He is pretty lucky to have this as a first home, he is getting married to a girl from Brazil sometime next Spring, they have to wait for her marriage Visa. 

Anyway, super good week! Talk to you all later!!!

Heres the hand full of pictures I took this week! Love You!​

Elder Strong

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