Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 35 - Dec 12, 2016


So I was finally able to dodge the transfer bullet, first time in the past 4 transfers, and so was my companion, first time in my whole mission! Its exciting to know that there won't be any extreme changes coming up!

So this week we did a lot more finding! Half way through the week we realized that we were both getting sick of nothing but tracting so we made some changes and have been doing  a lot more things like visiting former investigators and things like that. And even if we don't get to talk to anyone  we start knocking the doors near that house. It has been really good! We also get to talk to a lot more people and still not get too annoyed doing nothing but knocking. And then after we had made this decision we were given the blessing that was on our way for our efforts! We got a text from our Bishop that a PMF (part member family) moved into the boundaries. We went and met them, the husband is the member and is still out in Salem Oregon but his wife who is investigating the church told us she wants to be baptized! It was awesome! We are excited to get to teach her!

We also got to go to the Ward Christmas Party this week! It was awesome! A lot of less-active members came and now we have a big list of people that we get to go meet with and help them get active again, It was awesome!

Also, BTW, It has been snowing a lot out here! It is awesome... until you get a call that they don't want missionaries out driving, then it sucks a little. But It is good news to know that the stuff I have for the cold can keep me super warm and dry! So it isn't that bad when we have to get out and walk.

I was listening to a talk the other day by Elder Holland and he used a scripture that was amazing! 3 Ne 22:10. Super cool! basically says that even the most unbelievable things could happen but Christ will never leave us!

So I am not going to change the email so you can see and experience how sudden and annoying and surprising this is but we just got a call that I am getting transferred to Kennewick.......So thats cool.

Well, thats it Love You!

Elder Strong

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