Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 - Week 10!

Hey everybody!

We had a super awesome week this week!

Wednesday we heard the departure testimonies of President and Sister Ware! (if anyone would like their Homecoming info, ask my mom). They were awesome/pretty sad. I learned a lot from listening to them and what they thought would be the most important subjects to talk about in their testimonies. 
We also went and did more service at Guardian Angels, we planted some flowers in the Court Yard people hang out in.

Then we had super awesome lesson with Pedro, Michelle and Z. We taught the Plan of Salvation lesson. We asked Z a question to see if she was following along... she wasn't. But then Pedro hopped up and taught everything back to her and showed her how everything works with the diagram we were using! It was awesome to see how much he was learning!

Thursday we had another lesson with Mark and also did the Plan lesson. He followed really well and already had a lot of similar beliefs. He had a lot of really good questions too. It is awesome to have all these solid lessons.

Friday we had a lesson with these two girls who wanted to learn more about the gospel (Onica and Ingrid). Their dad is a Buddhist but he wants them to learn all they can and make their own choice. The lesson went really well except the member we were with said "Oh ya, I was supposed to invite you to church" but everything still went well. (they didn't come to church though)

We also had dinner with a member who served in Korea, came home got married, and then adopted 3 Korean Babies. We ate something called Bul Kogi, it was awesome! Basically it was elevated lettuce wraps. super good.

We me a guy this week named Earnhest. He was really excited to be invited to church and was for sure going to come but then he worked a 12 hr shift and wasn't home until 10 Sunday morning. It will be awesome to see what develops.

Sat we had dinner with the Van Katwijks who I lived with my first couple weeks. He showed us his 5 hives of bees and gave us a bunch of all natural honey. Apparently a tsp a day will help you over come your allergies so ima try it.

Well I love you all and I'm doin awesome! 
See ya later!

Elder Strong

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