Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 4, 2016 - Text

Dear Strong family and Tobey family, I hope these are cell phone numbers that can received this text and these photographs. This is sister Becky Bird where your sons are serving. We had the privilege of having them join us for dinner last night. My husband serves here in the stake presidency and we've had numerous missionaries in our home over the years. Occasionally there are some who come with a spirit of humility , wisdom, service and good cheer that make them stand out. Your sons were among that number. They came to our home in their PDAy clothes having done a good service for young family on a hot day helping them move. Your sons are handsome and healthy and doing a good work. Thank you for sharing them with our part of the lords vineyard and for raising them to do so. You can be pleased with them. We enjoyed a lovely evening with them. 😊

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