Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Week 5

Amanda, let me know if you don't want these, Riley let me know if she is lying.

This week was pretty cool, the days have been blending together way to much though. I can never remember when things happened, just that they happened.
Your package was awesome, it gave me a lot of ideas of things i could cook and I loved all those ties so it was nice. I guess you couldn't find my airforce tie, good luck finding it because I don't even remember where it is for sure either, no rush though anyway. I did forget that I should thaw fish before throwing it in the pan so there was some excitement at lunch a few days ago. Cooking it in the oven is OK but it takes too long, i'm way to impatient.

So we have a meeting with Johnny (homeless investigator) and President ware tonight. I'm pretty nervous but super excited. He had a lot of issues with us, saying things like he didn't want to listen to us because he believes things like denying baptism should only come from the Prophet, not the mission President. We explained that Pres was called by the prophet to make these decisions but he still wouldn't stop doubting us. I should learn a lot from watching President Ware tonight though, it'll be fun. I have learned a lot of good lessons from all this, the main one is that all this is happening because the last missionaries in this area were disobedient in the way they taught Johnny and now it has caused a lot more problems. 

So I sent Elder Gutierrez a package today, i hope he gets it in time, I forgot to take a picture of the tie, but the coolest part was that it was a Buffalo tie (that's the brand, pretty cool). If you guys are ever having a hard time finding ties, go to Burlington Coat Factory. Because they buy other stores overstock and stuff they are new ties and nice brands and only 7-9 dollars each. 

So this week we have been finding a lot more potential investigators but no solid lessons yet. We also got dropped by this guy who's wife and kids all attend church regularly and so did he for two years but he just kept saying he didn't think he was ready. He told us he didn't want to set up another lesson so...dropped. Oh well. If he keeps coming to church than chances are someday he'll be ready. We just weren't here at the right time.

We were walking down the street and we said hi to this lady and asked if there was anything we could do for her. She said only if we had a phone and laughed like we wouldn't have one, but we did have one so jokes on her. She had us call someone for her so she could get her purse out of their car. Then we talked some more and found out that she had been reading our "Bible" (the Book of Mormon) and wanted to learn more so we gave her a restoration pamphlet and told her to call us if she wanted to set anything up or if she needed any help. Pretty cool.

So i'm not sure when the next package will be but I was wondering if you could get me a hard cover inexpensive Book of Mormon. I wish we could just go to Deseret when ever we wanted to but its out of our area and I cant order those so it sucks. 

We found out one of our investigators that came to church this Sunday that when they said they have been reading they were reading from the NIV Bible. It is a bible that has been re worded and changed to be easier to read...not approved by the church. So we'll have to tackle that problem this week. Should be fun. 

Also we are going to have exchanges again this Saturday so i'm super excited for that.

Oh and BTW, I have been buying in bulk lately and i'm not very good or used to it yet so I ran out of money today. I put what was left that I had to pay for on the Express so heads up, it wasn't that much though. The good thing is, I don't have to buy anything for the next few weeks anyway so that's cool.

Well I cant think of much else to say so let me know if there is anything I have forgotten about or that you just wanted to know.


Elder Strong

Some Scenery, I love this camera 
Crazy STI
custom tie bar

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