Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23, 2016 - Week 6

Hey Everybody,
So this week was pretty awesome.
We have been working really hard to re-activate a family in the ward. They hadn't been to church for like two years but they came this Sunday and last Sunday. They have a baby on the way that is due in October, they just found out it is a girl and are super excited. We have been working really hard with the father trying to get him to understand how important it is they start coming regularly and having meetings with the bishop since they were inactive for so long. He really wants to be able to bless the baby so he needs to kick it in gear. 

Next Johnny was not able to meet with President yet and the Elders we live with found out he is still smoking and when they asked him about it he said that because he has to wait to be baptized he might as well keep smoking....we're worried about Johnny. We have to drop a bomb on him to help him understand that now that he knows it is wrong in the eyes of God, if he continues to do it than he is worse off than he was before. We aren't going to let him meet with the Pres. until he has been clean for probably about 2 weeks or so, then when he meets with him he'll learn how long everything else will take. He will definitely have to prove his faith.

This week we did service over at Guardian Angels (Care center for people who are either gone or close to it, or who just don't have the ability to take care of themselves). Whenever we go we play games with a guy (can't give names for safety, we'll call him Burt), he is in his 50's-60's and has brain cancer. When they removed his tumor it left him with brain damage and his body doesn't function the same anymore. He doesn't have memory loss or anything like that but he talks and moves slower. It kinda seems like he is trapped in his dis functioning body, he lived a pretty full life right before everything happened. He has an 18 yr old son and a wife but they never come visit him, its pretty sad. Anyway this week he actually asked us some questions and talked to us about religion and things like that but when it started to get really opened up and good he closed down and asked us to deal the cards. We'll get there someday.

Thursday we had our first meeting with Pedro, Michelle, and Raziley (we call her Z). Z is Michelle's daughter and Pedro is Michelle's boyfriend,  Z is nine. Michelle has been a member her whole life and even grew up in the ward they are going to now. She hasn't been to church in forever though. Pedro grew up catholic but he really likes our church and really wants Z to be baptized. We have been trying to have this meeting forever but it never happens but this time it worked. We had a really good first lesson and set up regular meeting schedules that are seeming really promising. They really like us know that they finally met with us haha. They came to church Sunday and then we went for a really long walk with him and Z last night. He told us that he had prayed to God for a sign to know that the path he is on is the right path. Then while he was at church everything he learned meant a lot to him and gave him a lot of answers. He wasn't planning on staying all three hours but he really liked sacrament so he went to the Gospel Principles class. Then he like that so much he went to third hour which was a combined class on depression. He really liked all of it and said it was exactly what he needed. He can't be baptized until he is married to Michelle though and he doesn't want to do that until he is our of debt which might take until December (he said he is in a ton of debt though) maybe we can talk him out of it but the important part is that he keeps learning and keeps on his path.

Saturday we had exchanges also. Elder Davison came to our area with me, it was awesome. We didn't have a lot of appointments but all that meant to us was that nothing could fall through. We did have a plan to go do service for a part member family and that actually went extremely well. The man is not a member but raised a member family that all served missions and have member children but he never was baptized or nothing. 
Me and Elder Jordan got in there door Saturday and he showed us that he was re-flooring. I told him that I have been remodeling our house with my dad my whole life and that I new a thing our two about re-modeling. After hanging out and talking about dad and his job and the things we have done on our house a log with our shared views on how kids these days need to learn how to work and things of that matter. He became super relaxed and comfortable with us, I could see his heart being softened. We told him we could help and he accepted.
We helped move some furniture, rip out carpet, tear out carpet strips and nails, and everything else to prepare a floor for hard wood. In all we spent about three hours and got a ton done. He asked us if we could come back to help him do some more and we said of course. We asked if we could also come by to get to know them better and he said yes. Im pretty excited

Later that night we tracked into a home that let us in quick because they met the last set of Elders and liked them a lot. (They have a green linnie, the exact bird as mordicai) We talked for and hour and got to know them really well, they will likely become investigators after we go back and have an official lesson. 
They also said there was a yard sale going on if we need anything, we jokingly said only if there are ties......they gave me 5 ties, it was awesome.

Anyway I love you all, Transfer calls are tonight so we'll see what happens. I'm sure we will stay.

Elder Strong
I found this in the picture of me with Grandma
Elder Jordan and Pedro on our walk
My district, E. Jordan, E. Davison, E. Poulter, Me
Sunset outside MoonRiver RV park.

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