Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016 - Week 3

We were going to skype around 6 for mothers day.

Hey, looks like every things going well. I see dad has a beard again! Did he lose his job? You can take that as a joke or an actual question. If he did, let me know so I can pray for him, I am a missionary after all. 

So this week was pretty sweet. We have an appointment with a family who cant get married until the end of the year because of debt but we can still baptize their 9 year old and the mother is already baptized so she just has to get active which she is already going to church so they're doing pretty well.

Elder Denny in my zone makes ties and just told me he will make me one in exchange for a sock tie, so the sooner you find one the better, just don't spend too much money on it. He told me how much material to get to make one so i'm gonna go for it. My sewing skills are already pretty legit.

I forgot to take apartment pics again, you'll get them next week hopefully. We just don't spend any time there anyway.

A couple days ago our shower broke. It was right after our service project too, we were all covered head to toe in dirt so it sucked. Everyone was freaking out and started to text the Elder in charge of those kind of repairs but little did they know I had a LeatherMan and a changeable bit screwdriver. I fixed it, it was pretty cool. We all showered and made it to our dinner appointments. 

This week the room has been pretty hot according to Elder Jordan. So he opened the windows while i was asleep and got me sick. So I asked the mission for an extra blanket. They said they would send what they had and ended up sending me a Pink lined Zebra print quilt. Its ugly but I'm warm and me and Jordan avoided an altercation so i'm pretty happy.

I got the package! It was awesome. I may not be bold enough to wear the rhine stone ties but ill try and maybe there is an Elder out there dying for them. Now that I have a full kitchen i'm excited to make those recipes. Thanks for sending me them!

Johnny, our homeless invest. broke 2 ribs tripping in the shower (His girlfriends brothers house) and didn't tell us so we were freaking out when he didn't come to church. Hopefully he does ok.

Our Ward Mission Leader Brother Greer-Short invited a homeless guy to church. We think he is a drug addict and we couldn't understand him. He talked like Boomhower from King of the Hill. He stayed for all 3 hrs and the best part was he bore his testimony. We didn't understand a ton of it but what we did was pretty cool. If we continue to teach him we'll probably end up getting him some professional help.

I also gave a blessing to this old man in the word who is fighting depression since a lot of his family (wife, brothers and sisters, and oldest son have passed away). He was feeling sick and depressed so I blessed him. He still didn't make it to church so we are going to meet with him soon and at least once a week from now on.

I have a letter I was supposed to send you a long time ago, I'll send it today with some added things in it. 

Oh and this week we placed an Arabic BOM and Restoration pamphlet to and Arabic family. They were really interested and we have a return appointment for tomorrow.

I think that's about it so i'm going to try something new. I don't think I like it, it looks pretty stupid but I can't send an email to everyone so i'm going to do it.

Mom, I love you! I glad you have been able to help dad in the bathroom, it looks like it has made a lot of progress just in a couple of weeks.

Dad, I love you! I hope every things going ok at work! Remember to keep working hard and proving your worth. I hope you can get the bathroom done quick so you can get back to the samurai! We gained a potential investigator because I was able to talk to him about his Fiero, which brought us to my Samurai, which brought us to Moab and beer, then word of wisdom and repentance, and now he wants to meet more. Pretty cool.

Cassie, I love you! I'm so proud of you for graduating! Keep meeting with your councilors and everybody and make sure you are always improving. Remember that your Heavenly Father wants you to pray to him when ever you need help and guidance.

Riley, I love you! You haven't written me at all yet, and your girl friend wrote me before you did but I understand. Let me know how things are going!

Amanda, I love you! You get your own email because you emailed me! 

That's all the pics I took this week, we were really busy.

Elder Strong

All Elders in my apartment 

Me with our Arabic BOM and Pamphlets

Jordan Praying for our studies

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