Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 6, 2016 - Week 4

Hi! So i'm just barely starting to email today because Elder Clark & White had to go to Kennewick and meet with President Ware about what the plans are for two investigators Elder Jordan and I had to hand off to them because of some complicated stuff. I don't want to learn more about what is going on with them because the whole deal is a mess and is way to confusing and frustrating so if you don't have to deal with it, you shouldn't try to anyway. The only reason Elder C & W are dealing with it is because they randomly moved into their boundaries, other wise me and Elder J would have to do it, i'm glad we don't.

While they were in a meeting, me and Elder Jordan went to a Burlington Coat Factory and hit up the tie rack. Definitely worth the trip, there are some way nice ties there for really cheap. They had $90 Tommy Hillfigure ties for &9.99 so it was awesome.

Today we are hopefully going to get a hold a guy named Mark. He was talking to the elders before but we haven't met with him yet because he is dealing with this huge lawsuit. We asked if there was anything we could do to help him out (not with the lawsuit, obviously) and he said only if we had 2.5 Million were just going to stop by his house and check on him, we found his address in a teaching record. 

Next we're gonna see if we can get a hold of the Fierro guy but we'll see, he probably isn't as interested as we thought but we're still gonna try until we get a door slammed in our face.

And at 8 we are going to have a lesson with Rob, a member who was in-active for ten years and is now going to church every week under his own decision. He is doing awesome and probably doesn't need us but it's better to have a support system just in case. We're going to read the Book of Mormon with him from where he is at and just talk about some things, should be nice,

Then at 9 the Zone Leaders will come to our apartment and we'll start our exchanges. Elder Poulter will be staying here with me and Elder Jordan will go with Elder Davison to their area in the CrestView ward.

It was awesome talking to you guys yesterday. It does kinda suck that it was so early in my mission that we did that but its better than Elder Gutierrez who has to wait all the way to Christmas having never done it at all. 

Tomorrow we are going to be meeting with a few potentials so that should be fun. I'm not sure about one of them but the other two are a mother and daughter that sound pretty promising. The funny thing about a mission though is that the two might not get baptized but the other will, or all of them, or none of them. That's why we never assume anything or ever give up on any of them. We just have to pray for the best and keep going.

Im trying to think of more things to write but with Skyping yesterday I'm having a hard time thinking of what else is worth it. Its funny but lately we have been so busy but it still doesn't feel like anything is actually happening. That is why numbers aren't all that matter in a mission because they can't show everything you actually did. There is a lot of work we do that is isn't recorded but is just as important.

I'm thinking of starting an emailing notepad to write down things i think about writing about during the week so I don't keep forgetting like I have been. I hope this one isn't too short but I guess we can say I'm going for quality, not quantity (or length for that matter)

Well I love you! 

Elder Strong

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