Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Oh yeah

We have a car so cd's would be cool. Spiritual and uplifting please. 

That doesn't mean only LDS Artists though. If it is on the topic of God or a principle of the church its cool. or if it is instrumental only.

Elder Jordan listened to a song by Justin beiber about prayer so it is pretty loose.
If you go through the Mumford and Sons album on Itunes it would be ok, I know Little Lion Man cant come but maybe you could listen to and burn a disk for the ones that will. 

A lot of the Brandon Flower and The Killers should be fine, it just has to be on topic, uplifting, and have no curse words or things that would offend the spirit.

Lindsay Sterling, The Piano Guys are pretty cool too. Please investigate.
Elder Jordan has a USB drive loaded with a ton of songs. We just cant transfer any data so they have to come pre loaded by you so if your going to do one, make it count. Our cars can use them.
We are also allowed to have one of the Ipod nanos (like the green one I have at home).

If you factory reset that and loaded it with all the music you could that meet the mission standard, that would be even better than the USB. Just email President Ware with questions you have about it. You should only send it when it has enough music to last me my mission so its ok if it takes a few months. Ill have Elder Jordans USB for at least 2 transfers (12 Weeks) so its ok for me to wait for it. It would make a great birthday present.

We probably already own a ton of acceptable music, you just have to sift through it all and you might want to buy a few more things.

If you do send out the nano, just make sure it is loaded up with as much as possible. I wont be able to add to it at all without sending it home for you to do it.

Anyway, if you do that, that would be awesome. Love you!

Elder Strong

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