Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 - Week one in the field

Hey everybody! It's Preparation day! That is one of the first things they told me when I got here, it's preparation day not P'day. 
So my area is the Richland. I serve the Shoreline and Riverview wards. Me and my trainer Elder Jordan got doubled in which means neither of us have served this area and we have no clue what is going on. All we have are some notes written by the previous Elders that we can barely read and some out of date records in our area book. Everything is going awesome though. 
We have two investigators we have put on date for baptism our selves and a few on date from our last Elders but we haven't been able to meet with them yet so those dates will probably fall through. When we got here we had 26 referrals (that is a lot), now we are down to 14 (still a lot). 

One of my on date investigators is JohnnyLee, he is currently homeless and is super interested in being baptized. He has been an investigator for about 10 years and is 50 years old. He is going to be really hard to work with because we were told not to baptize him until he is stable and we have to be sure he isn't being baptized for the things the church provides for members. He seems legit though.

The other is a 9 year old in a semi inactive family, we are also scared for her because her brother was just baptized and she didn't want to be. Also if her parents can't stay active, neither will she.

I'll send some pictures of where i am staying. I'm in a members home, The VanKatwijk's (van cat wick). They are pretty nice but the apartment is a  dungeon, and an ill equipped one at that. It's still pretty ok though, a couple days ago brother VanKatwijk told us we could use the kitchen upstairs all we want as long as we're clean and then we can use the living room as long as we're clean.
It does kinda suck though, we have to mow there lawn once a week which isnt usually the missionaries problem, we try not to serve members too much because we should be using that time to serve none members. 

Dad, I offered to fix their lawn mower, It wont idle unless choked or at full speed (rabbit) which means its the carb (he also told me it hasn't been serviced in 3 years), good thing i still remember everything from small engines. Ill clean out the carb and if it doesn't work then i'll tell him to take it to get serviced. It started on starting fluid though, I have hope.
Also sorry about the plasma cutter, that sucks. At least the welder is still doing good.

Cool/weird cars i've seen so far
Rumble Bee,  Geo metro ls1 or lsi (show that to alex, convertible), a mint condition Toyota MR2, Mazda Miatas all over the place, along with some not so special Corvettes (real common base models).

Our area and most of our mission has a car (some areas are walking only) we drive a nice Ford Fusion, 38000Miles about. Its a pretty nice car and once we hit 50000 we get a new one, but we are limited to 800 a month so probably won't be during my time.

My address is 
615 Cherrywood, Loop Richland, WA, 99354

Remember that if you send it to the house and I get transferred out I might not get it, that's why they say send it to the mission home and they also said USPS is better because that way they can actually forward it if they need to, but whatever works best, im sending a letter to explain it better. Transfers are every 6 weeks.

Things I need:
Ties are always great
ONO chicken recipe
Wanton Salad recipe
and any other recipes that might be cool.
I need you to pay my tithing for the last paycheck I got. you can go to my savings account and see, it was like 385 i think

The weather is great down here, no rain or extreme heat. My wards are weird though BTW. They are pretty mixed on either decently wealthy or barely holding on.

Well now im going to send some pictures.

I cant think of anything else to write about, I hope I did OK. Next time ill bring my journal to get some Ideas.
I love you all sooo much, Its always hard to stop writing but I really cant find anything else to write about. 
Love you!

Elder Strong

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