Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 - Week 2 in the field

Well that took a while to write. (The letter for Cassie's graduation)

First things first, we moved. If you already sent that package it will be fine. The President discovered we had an apartment that fits 6 Elders with only 2 so he decided to save money and move us. Ill send pics next week, I forgot.

The new address is 302 Barth Ave, Richland, WA 99354.
And I just realized I typed the old one wrong, it was Cherrywood Loop, Richland. not Cherrywood, Loop Richland. Hope that worked itself out. 

So this week was awesome but really quick. We found out our homeless investigator cannot be baptized this week but I think that is a good thing. It will help us prove his faith and be sure he is definitely ready for baptism.

Next we me Amit and showed him the restoration video. He is from India and is Hindu in religion so it was really cool to teaching him because he literally knows nothing. He is really committed to learn more and is doing awesome. He does smoke though, that will be fun to take care of.

My companion is from Henderson Las Vegas, he usually just says Las Vegas and then people get real disappointed. He has been out for 8 months and I am his first Trainee.

Dad, that Pipe looked gross. I am glad you and Nate are going to re-do it. It is cool that he is able to help, Its kinda weird not being there to help you myself. Send me updates as you keep up the work.

Is Mordicai gaining weight? 

Let me know how Rileys accident is going.

Here is me and Elder Jordan with one of their chickens that they keep in their backyard.

Oh and we went to a baptism in Pendelton on Saturday, It was awesome. She was Elder Jordans old investigator in his last area. The spirit was so strong it was amazing.

I hope everything going as well as it sounds! Everything's going great down here.
Love you!

Elder Strong

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