Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 - Mo Email

I have a little more time so.

Johnny (homeless) also has a Girlfriend and son that the missionaries were teaching. They want to be baptized as well but that probably wont happen for a while. They are also homeless but they are staying with her brother, not on the street. We want them all to have a stable address before they are baptized so it may take a while.

We met a guy named Rob, he has been inactive for 10 years and is a recovering drug addict. He has been clean since september (he had relapse then, he had been clean a long time before) and went to dental school. He is 40 and is probably the first to overcome drugs and living on the street and then go to dental school. He also looks nothing like a drug addict. He live in a trailer as nice as ours was in a super nice trailer park. He is awesome.

Well now I am out of time officially, Love You!!!

Elder Strong

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