Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016 - Somemore

Dad, thats way cool that they ended up just sending you a part for your plasma cutter, I'm glad its working for you and the welder sounds even better now. I didn't know infinite voltage was a thing and it sounds supper useful, can't wait to use it one day. I cant wait to see the rolling chassis either, its awesome you've had time to make some progress on it. I hope you have it going in time to use it this year, the weather is finally starting to be awesome, hopefully it stays that way when we get to the field.

Oh BTW, I leave tuesday at 7am

Im glad Cassie liked my letter, I hope I get one from her soon, I haven't checked the mail yet today so there might be one there and I don't know it.

Elder Flores would like some hot sauce if you could, he just wants a small bottle of Tapatio, He hasn't gotten a single package from Virginia so some hot sauce would be cool. Other than that im not really craving anything, maybe some Peachios would be cool. Or a bag of those Wassabi Peas would be cool.

Im glad you guys watched conference, Dad youll have to watch Priesthood as soon as you can, it was great. I also have been able to remember enough about conference to use them in my investigator lessons, the one by the Elder from another country who had questions about why the church was restored in the USA has been especially helpful.

Well I have a haircut in 15 so Ill have to go now, Love you

Elder Strong

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