Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016 - Week 2 (pee day 2)

Hey! Everything is going awesome! Me and my comp have been doing a lot better, I love him a lot and regret a lot of the things i thought about him before. I've had to learn how to slow down a little so that he can keep progressing and learning. I know the lessons so well that I leave him in the dust and then we end up wrecking because he's so far behind, Its like trying to move the samurai from park in 5 gear. Know that i've figured that out we do a lot better and he ends up teaching and learning a lot more. 

Thanks for all the packages and letters! Only me and Elder Black get packages so its nice to be able to share. We have soooo much stuff that we'll just end up handing it all down to the next district. (The Tesla is my favorite, keep that going) Last P-day we went to the temple and did initiatorys, it was way cool because I haven't done proxy for them yet. Im going to try to get everyone to do endowment session this week but at least me and Flores are going to go. 

On monday the other district left for New York except for Elder Moore and Hagen. They are in the Provo Mission which means they go from Saint Gorge to Salt Lake or something like that, You guys might end up seeing them, they're awesome! Elder Moore is my favorite Elder. He's from Missouri and has a sense of humor like mine, Hes a convert and the only member in his family and now hes serving a mission (hes 24!).

We got a new district Wednesday, they're pretty cool. They ended up being the guinea pigs for a new program where they train the missionaries using Ipads, Im not jealous though, they never have teachers so they probably aren't learning nearly as much as we are.

Conference was amazing, they forced us to wear suits to every session even though they were just playing it on a screen. I learned a lot and stayed awake for every session. Then that night we had a devotional where Vocal Point from BYU came and performed for us. It was awesome! After each song they bore they're testimonies and they were really spiritual, they have all served full time missions and only 2 of the 9 are music majors.
Now we have had 2 members of the 70 come and talk to us. One serving Africa, the other was over the Philippines. They were so awesome and taught us a tone of stuff. I love hearing the devotionals we have, its so awesome that they can get all these people to come talk to us.

Im going to tell you a secret, yesterday I set up a account (like we are supposed to) except while I was making it they wouldn't let me submit it unless I had a profile picture. I could get my camera and the computers won't let you save any thing into the system. The only way I got it to work was to find a picture from the missionary portal and the only thing that worked there was a picture of a missionary. I am now, for all intensive purposes, a black missionary. Ill fix it eventually but we all thought it was pretty hilarious.

This computer isn't letting me use the pictures on my camera so ill have to go to another one later. Sorry you'll have to wait.
Also, please don't send me too much heavy stuff unless its cheaper to send them to me while im here, then to have me pay the over weight charges. I don't know so ill let you guys make the hard decisions. 

Im memorizing everything really well, the lessons are coming to me super easy and i'll have to send you a picture of my scriptures, they're awesome. I've started tabbing them so I can use scriptures in my lessons easily, it works really well and makes me look like a genius in class. 

Well I'll probably think of more to write later, Im going to go ahead and keep eating my lame p-day breakfast and watch my laundry,  plus I can give you a chance to respond.
Oh and im getting a free haircut today, gonna be pretty nice.
Love You 

Elder Strong

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