Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 - Week 16

Hello Everyone!

This week was fantastic!

So to start off, I'm going back to last Saturday. I didn't write about it because I didn't think it was going to be much of a big deal but holly cow!
SO, we got a call from a lady from Richland who needed us to go check on a friend in Dayton and give him a blessing because that week he had a stroke. His name is Robby, he is in his 30's. Last year Robby was in an accident where he was shot in the head. He didn't die. The only brain damage he received has been some slight memory loss but he seems perfectly normal. The only reason you can really tell is because he is currently missing a piece of his skull because the implant they put in wasn't healing correctly, he has to wear a helmet. We went over with a member and gave him a blessing. He really appreciated it and thanked us a lot. He told us to stop by any time we wanted and visit with him.
Before we had the opportunity to go visit him we got a text Monday night asking us to go back and give him another blessing (he was having chest pains). We went down and gave him another one. This time I left him a Book of Mormon and Mosiah 24:14. He thanked us again and we left. Well a couple days later he texted us and told us he wanted to be a part of our mission and go out with us and bear his testimony to the people we teach (Mosiah 24:14, "ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter"). So me and Elder Flores (we were on exchanges) went over, taught him about Priesthood authority and put him on date for baptism for Aug 20! Then we brought him to a less active member and right as we were leaving he stopped us and said "we haven't put him on date to come to church" (Ernesto would not agree to go to church, he really likes us coming over though, we don't understand him)

So that was awesome!

Nothing else really happened this week except I went to the District Leaders area on exchanges and their Saturdays suck. Apparently Saturday is the Sabbath there (Everything is closed, everyone is gone. College Place is the Provo of 7th Day Adventist's). He was sorry to bring me out there but it was the last day he could, so all we did was walk and met no one. It was fun staying in an apartment with 4 Elders in it again though.

Also our apartment is completely over ran by elder bugs, it sucks

This month went by crazy fast. Now there are only 2 weeks left and then it will be transfer time again, crazy.

D&C 101: 7-9 
Something I found this week, pretty cool. See also Mosiah 24.

Love ya!!!

Elder Strong

Me and Elder Winuea 

I just can not capture how beautiful this area is.

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