Monday, August 1, 2016

July 25, 2016 - Week 15


So this week was pretty good. 

Monday night we gave a blessing to Candice. Her family are Recent Converts of about 7 months (I think). She is 4 and had to go in to get her Tonsils removed. She was a little nervous of the blessing but not so much the surgery : )
She is doing really well right now, they just have to convince her to rest more.

Wednesday we had District Council in Walla-Walla. It was pretty different than the other ones I have been to because my new district is 12 companionship's which is bigger than my whole Zone was, it was only 7 companionship's. It was fun except because it is so big it isn't as much as a council, we didn't have enough time to focus and discuss the things we needed to. And it is always weird when you don't know anybody there.
Did I mention that Elder Morales-Flores is in my District? He is doing really good. We are going on exchanges with each other Wednesday so I am pretty excited, it'll be really cool to teach with him again.

Thursday we did some more service at the Library again. We helped hang Cork up for a bulletin board. I have never done it before and neither had any of the Librarians so it just turned into us pouring all types of glue we could find on the pieces of cork and then nailing them into position and hoping they stayed on. (looks like they all stayed up!) 

Friday we had dinner with the Clemons Family. They had a non-member young man living with them so we were excited to meet him but when we got there they informed us he left. Just didn't come home, told them he was staying somewhere else. He was the Clemons son's friend so he wasn't obligated to stay there or anything, he is 18 and  a foster child. He told them he wanted to meet with us but now we have no way of getting a hold of him. (the son told him off, they aren't in good standings right now) Hopefully we find him soon.

Saturday there was a stake activity in Walla-Walla but nooobody in our ward wanted to go. Except Cody (recent convert) and Wendy (the ward just has to be extra nice to her) So we ran around town trying to find them a ride. Eventually we convinced Wendy to make it a date and she went with some guy she knew. Then we convinced a visiting young couple to make it a date...and go down with some 16 year old kid they didn't know to a bbq/baseball game that was 45 mins away.

Nothing happened Sunday except we got this weeks supply of Goats milk and Bro Walker (milker of goats) made me lust after Black Walnut Gunstock (hard to stay on purpose around him... sooo hard).

By the way, it is hard to watch poor Elder Winuea email his family, he emails in his native language Kiribati (auto-correct ruins his life).
Also it takes a month for him to send/receive mail from his island. Sad. 

So here is some spiritual Meat.

I have been listening to Cleon Skousen. His talk I am listening to is about his mission experience, Intelligences, and God Science. It's called "Meaning of the Atonement" go to to find it, and you definitely need to find it! 
It is some DEEEEEP DEEEEEP stuff but it is good car listening. Makes you think and really thirst for more scriptural knowledge. (Holly Cow, such a good talk. Makes me glad we have to drive 70+ miles today. Unfortunately it uses a few too many new/big words fro Elder Winuea, good for his learning English though)

I also listened to a talk called Filling Your Testimony Tank, also super super good, LISTEN TO IT!!!!

Also in my Studies I have been doing a lot of Reference chasing. I started at Ether 4:7 and have chased all over past that. I really liked D&C 5 and now I am going through D&C 88 (long and full of good stuff) 

Well I hope that can sustain you for now, I could flood you with all the scripture references from these talks but it would just be too much and it will be better for you to listen to it yourself anyway. (Something tells me none of you will do it, I will believe non of you do it unless you email me to inform me otherwise)

Well, love you all!

Elder Strong

I have these on my wall, Everything to do with Promises of Revelation, Using/building faith, and things that hold back Revelation
Not a ton of great pictures this week, but look what I found out my Camera can do! 770,777,778

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