Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 - Week 17

Hello Everyone!!!

So we had another great week!

We taught Robby the Plan of Salvation, It was awesome! We have been teaching him at a member's home and they love it! Brother Fulbright got up and bore his testimony on how much he likes it and how much it helps his testimony. Awesome!

Fast sunday in this ward is AWESOME! There are so few people in the ward that they all HAVE to get up because there aren't enough people to think "I don't have to go up, someone else will" Because there really isn't anyone else, chances are you are the last one who hasn't gone!

Not a ton happened this week but it was still a good one. We found a guy who hasn't been to church in twenty years but he still calls himself a member and likes us coming over. I think the problem is, he married a non member wife who is in a religion called Bahai. She is non practicing because of the Bahai views on Gay Marriage...

Next, This town has 5 Museums and so far, they all friggin love us! They really want our help, we told them we could volunteer for yard work. We may even be allowed to give tours if President White says yes. Pretty cool.

We also met the Pastor of a local church who said we could help them out in their community service activities. pretty cool also.

Saturday we got a new car too. It is a 2016 Nissan Rogue. Change is always exciting, especially this one since we drive a lot. The Impreza we had was pretty annoying. It sounded exactly like a Boat when we drove, It was hard to get in and out of, and the past missionaries didn't take care of it at all.

So here are few really really good talks I have been listening to. Cleon Skousen's is really interesting and talks about a lot of really good stuff.
Glenn Beck's is good whether you like him or not. I like listening to it to think about how it doesn't matter how someone used to be but how Christ sees them. Really good one.
Then Brad Wilcox. OOOOOHHH Man. Really good. Testimonies are not controlled by a light switch!

Love you all! hope you have a good week!
Elder Strong

These are the only Pictures I took this week, this is at Brother Fulbrights house

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