Monday, August 1, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Week 14


So this week was super cool.
We were talking to Beth Sunday and got confused because she made it sound like she was drinking coffee. So we went back Tuesday with some back up to tell here she couldn't get baptized without being 2 weeks clean but then she found out she would have been 2 weeks clean on Thursday, So she was baptized Saturday!!!
Everything went super well and her less active husband actually came to the baptism, we weren't sure he would but he came. Oh and they were also married the same day, it was super awkward but it got done. I only knew them for about 2 weeks but I still care about them a ton. It was awesome to be a part of it. President and Sister White even came to the baptism, It was great.

This week we also had a zone conference in Oregon, It was awesome. The Whites had three of their children there (their youngest is like 22). They did a presentation on their family, they are awesome. Everyone in the family has served a mission, they are awesome. There was also a ton of spiritual stuff but I don't have my notes with me or nearly enough time to explain everything I learned.

We had a great week this week! Love You all!

Elder Strong

Me and Elder Jordan saw each other again at zone conference

 Wedding. They were married by Sister Fielding. (the Fieldings are both proselyting couple missionaries in our area, we work with them.
Baptism table
Cody, Elder Fielding, Beth, Elder Haviland, Elder Winuea, Me

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